Assignment #1: (PPQH₀ & S) aka-Problem, Purpose, Questions, Hypotheses, Significance The foundation of proposing a research proposal depends upon clarity in thinking and specific, focused writing. Please identify and describe your research problem, the purpose of your study and your over-arching research question along with its corresponding hypothesis. You will also need to describe the significance of the study you are proposing. This means, you need to compose a sentence or two describing why this type of research would be interesting, necessary, and important. Careful consideration should be paid to how the problem is identified, the context of the problem, and its rationale. Make sure the research problem is significantly narrow in focus but yields opportunities for further analysis. Follow the format included in the appendix section of this syllabus and outlined in your textbook.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you demonstrate applied learning specific to the discipline of political science. It will demonstrate your ability to read and understand the literature, identify and integrate ideas, understand applications, analyze problems, demonstrate knowledge and intellectual comprehension and build your skills communicating clearly and effectively. (Typically this assignment will be 1-2 pages long)

NOTE: All proposed topics and research questions must be approved by your professor.



This report focuses on the analyzing the social dissonance and various moments which lead to the war and the impact of these moments on other countries. We will analyze a general model of two-player bargaining in the shadow of the war. For this, I will focus on various papers in which the moments are described that can lead to the war and the impact of these moments on the countries.

I will collect several pieces of evidence from previous credible research papers that describe the reasons which result in the war. I will analyze methods and results of all these papers and use them in my research for further investigation. I will collect both the qualitative and quantitative information to describe the relationship of social dissonance with the war. I will use descriptive research method. In this section, we describe unanticipated hypothesis and look for alternative explanations and infer causations. In descriptive research, we use the two types of approaches to influence the design. These approaches are deductive and inductive. In the deductive theory, we test the previous theories, and in the inductive approach, we created our theory considering the previous theories. We formulate the hypothesis and develop a general theory about the impacts of various moments, which lead to the war and their negative consequences.

After collecting the data and next step would be developing the data through analysis. For the analysis, we will use the qualitative and quantitative methods. In the qualitative research, we use a strategy, which emphasizes on the words, and in the quantitative method, we analyze the data to generate the reliability. The qualitative data analysis helps in providing best results as it determines the quality of the lived experience. In this research, the qualitative analysis provides the data, designing the appropriate survey to get the qualified opinions and understanding of the main issues in this area. We will use the qualitative method so that we can explore the research questions and allow the researchers to conduct in-depth explorations of the specific phenomenon.

In this research, we will develop a framework in which we compare the models of diplomacy, which is drawn from the three theoretical approaches to describe the temporal and global distribution of the diplomatic visits. We argue about the theoretical perspectives by the domestic influences, international practice, and strategic interests. Along with this, we will focus on further study to expand the outcomes and relation of war with social dissonance. We will use the tradition of formal models for proposing mechanisms to make the results credible. For this, we start to introduce a model of the conflict between the two nation that serves as the background to examine the causes and moments of the war.

In this report, we will use the descriptive survey method to access the cause and impact of the wars on other countries. The main methods, which we will use in this research, are descriptive, historical and experimental. We also include the inductive process in this research for better understanding of the situation and possible problems that is analyzed from the previous papers within the context of the moments leading to war.