According to the author Linda Chavez and in her article titled “Supporting Family Values”, the goal at times is to ensure that we understand what a cohesive and a coherent family unit is and what could be done to further solidify it. One of the things that she seems to elaborate on is this notion that families often are not composed of how we think of them due to the fact that sometimes, there are issues of divorce, issues of out of marriage children and so forth. The notion should be that for many immigrants who have come to the United States, there is the need for them to relate to each other but also to create the larger context that America itself has been build and run by immigrants. Hence, even if one is a legal or an illegal immigrant, the premise is that they are individuals and human beings at the end of the day. As such, many of these illegal or even legal immigrants are trying to do their very best to blend in with the larger or mainstream American society and one sees that indeed they should be embraced and accepted. Immigrants have already done so much for this country, and therefore, they can do so much more if given the right chance and the right opportunity. That is where we need to understand this very concept of family values and ascertain that regardless of where one is from, they are hardworking individuals and belong to some type of a family or another. Hence, it becomes the ethical and the moral duty of the entire society to treat all these immigrants with respect, with the right values and with the right level of dignity which they very much are deserving of at all times and for all the right reasons. 



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