How the earth has been evolving over the last 4.5 billion years since its creation

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Video Summary

The video provides a detailed account of the constituents of the earth’s crust and how the earth has been evolving over the last 4.5 billion years since its creation. The surface of the earth consists of tectonic plates which mover around, but really slowly causing new volcanos and mountains. The main topic of the video is to provide information about the San Andreas Fault which is the ugliest of the fault lines that exists on the earth and has been the cause of numerous earthquakes and disasters. The earthquake in 1906 has been modelled with the help of computer software that provides a great imagery of how the earthquake wave might have transformed from within the San Andreas Fault. 1906 earthquake has been one of the deadliest earthquakes in the American history.

The video has gathered evidence that there may not have been a major earthquake in the recent decades in Sand Andreas but the earth plates are in constant motion. This can be observed with a naked at different spots across the city. The earth can be seen to crack at different spots. It may seem to be under control at present but seeing far in the future, we could witness a split that would divide the earth plate in two. The creeping of the earth is evident at many places including Hollister and Parkfield.

Relation of video to the topic

Chapter 9 of the book roughly describes the same phenomenon that are evident in the video. In the chapter, I studied details about the earth crust which is constantly changing. Same is the case with the video in which it has been pointed out that the crust of the earth across the San Andreas Fault line has had changed over the last centuries and they continue to happen. The plate tectonic boundary theory also goes in line with the video. The mountains, volcanoes and other topographic features of the earth along the San Andreas Fault verify the tectonic boundary theory.

Most interesting part of the Video

The most interesting part of the video as far as I am concerned was to know about the bridge that exists in Parkfield and separates the Pacific Plate on one side from the North American Plate on the other. The interesting thing is that the bridge railing have started to show signs of the movement of the two tectonic plates. I wonder what would happen to the bridge if an earthquake of a higher magnitude is recorded in Parkfield. At present, there are only minor earthquakes in Parkfield and the bridge remains intact.