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Parents, Religion, and Career


Many children die every year due to not getting the vaccination because of religious belief, lack of availability and safety concerns of their religious-affiliated parents. The vaccination in children helps in improving the immunity to a certain disease. In some countries such as the United States, it requires to vaccinate the children of certain diseases before entering school. The parents should vaccinate their children regardless of religious affirmation as it helps in protecting their child safety as well as health every day. Parents cannot protect their child from every harm that comes their way. So, it is essential to vaccinate their child without considering the various religious beliefs because the health of their children is important as compared to some other beliefs.

Immunization provides the power to their children to prevent them from some unnecessary illness as well as suffering for their child. It helps to protect their child from some dangerous diseases. Many of the scientific experts and doctors agree that the vaccination is one of the effective and safe ways to protect the children from some serious illness. It helps in eliminating the disease worldwide.

Research Question

Do you believe that the non-vaccinated children of the religious affirmation parents have less advanced knowledge about vaccination and its various health implications?


Parents should vaccinate their children without considering the various religious affiliation because for parent’s health of their children is a priority as compared to some other aspect. It is the responsibility of the parents to protect their children from every type of diseases and provide them such type of environment in which they are secure and safe. If the vaccination is given to children at the right time, then it helps in protecting them from health complications and assures success in academic and career.

Data Collection and Methodology

To determine the accurate and efficient results, the data will be collected from various places such as the Internet, interviewing from people, newspaper, social media sites, magazines, and many others. We mainly divide our data collection sources into two major categories, i.e., secondary data and primary data.

In the secondary data, we collected the information about our research on vaccination should be given to children regardless of various religious beliefs or not. For this, the data which is already published on this topic including newspaper, books, scholarly journal articles, some online portals, etc. will be used. The scientific research and theory published on this topic will also be used to come up with effective and valid conclusions. There is a large amount of data available which will help to determine if the parents should vaccinate their children or not without considering religious beliefs. The secondary data will help in increasing the reliability and research validity.

In primary data collection, quantitative and qualitative data collection methods will be used. In the quantitative data collection method, the mathematical calculation in which will create the records of children who are prevented due to the taking of vaccinations and number of children died due to lack of vaccination in previous few years will be determined. It will help in determining if vaccination is essential for children in their growth and success. In the qualitative research method, the data will be collected by interviewing the different people and by determining their view about vaccination



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