How is Impressionism an outgrowth of Realism?

Impressionism can be called as an outgrowth of realism as in impressionism real subjects like humans in different situations and real scenes are portrayed. Impressionism is based on the representation of ordinary people and has a realistic approach towards the development of artworks (Frank, 2013, p.384). As can be observed in the post impressionism era, artists were engaged in drawing subjects in romantic scenes. These scenes were the manifestation on the emotions of the artists. On the other hand, impressionism is based primarily on the regular activities of human beings and how they spend their day to day lives. Impressionism is the translation of the reality of live like the popular culture, the social ideas and the customs of a given society or set of people into art work. Impressionist artists have enjoyed a certain kind of freedom in their art work as they have not stick to the classical style of art.