Speech: Tesla electric cars

The purpose of this speech is to inform the audience about why Tesla is the best future electric car in the world.

Tesla is a well-known automobile company that specializes in electric cars with many of its electric car models in the market already. I believe that Tesla will is the best electric car company because their cars are the best when it comes to protecting the environment from greenhouse gases. They have the largest quick electric charge centers network in the United States (Erickson, 2017). They have many models to choose from in regards to different specifications.

Leadership is reported to be among the important ingredient in making a dream or project a success (Laureani & Antony, 2017). The founder of Tesla, Elon Musk in one of the most enthusiastic leader of this century. If you don’t know him, he is the founder of PayPal, the largest online payment gateway in the world and SpaceX, the biggest private company in the world to send rockets to the space. He is visionary and has undoubtedly brought Tesla to the limelight and made it a great success. Elon musk has said in one of his speeches that within 30 years, majority of cars will be electric. I think that this is true and a visionary person like him would make Tesla as the electric car leader. He has said in one of his speech that he is making his cars to be futuristic (“Electric cars need to be more ‘futuristic’, says Elon Musk”, 2016).

Tesla is the best electric car of future because they are not just focusing to make it environment friendly, but also make it look attractive and durable. They have introduced many beautiful models which include Model S which can reach to a speed of 60 MPH within 2.5 second according to Tesla website. The other model, Model 3 which costs $35,000, can travel 215 miles with just one charge. Cars reaching to 60 MPH and traveling 215 miles with just one charge are not just environment friendly, but also a best choice for automobile lovers.

To conclude, I would stress that Tesla is a great project by a great entrepreneur. Tesla is already an electric automobile leader in the USA and has the potential to become a world leader in the future. They are a bit expensive at the moment and may not be in the reach of an ordinary consumer but with time and expertise, I am sure that Tesla would reduce the prices of their cars and bring to market electric cars that are in the reach of majority of consumers and automobile lovers.

I thank you all for your time.



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