Course Name: The principle of Child development


Can you recall any stressful events you experienced as a young child? If so, how did you cope with them?

In the childhood, the child experienced stressful events when they are not developing in an appropriate environment. At school and homes, inappropriate activities and instruction can increase the stress of the children. The stress of the children is removed by limiting the time in stressful events. Children are feeling stress-free by playing with concrete material, therefore, allow children to spend more time with concrete material. The stress can affect the mental and physical health of children, therefore, it is important that parents are aware of the stress of their children and helps children to remove stress.

When investigating a child care facility, parents should consider any potential environmental hazard. What observations should parents make when looking at a child care facility for three years old? What question should they ask?

The main objective of parents is related to the safety of the environment when they are looking for the child care safety. They identify the safety and security of the environment in which children are learning and play. Parents are identifying the education system and environment of child care facility center by observations, meetings, the participation of class and newsletters. Parent ask a question about the nutrition and food given to the children and timetable of the food. They identify that given food is healthy and safe for children. parents are also asking questions about the education system and playing activities in schools.


Aisha, who is currently a kindergartner, was born without part of her leg. Her mom and grandma watch as she run and plays with two other children. Aisha runs over to where her mom and grandma are sitting, sits down, takes off her pros- the tic leg, and scratches her leg. Then she asks her mom to help her put her prostheses back on straight. Once it’s on, she runs off to play with the other children. What is significant about this description?

The children who are born with the disabilities can develop the motor activities with the help of others. Early childhood special education helps disabled children in developing motor activities. Children are getting the training from the training institutes to develop the gross motor activities such as they learn to walk up with one leg, take the little jump, pick toys from the ground. These are some basic actions that are performed by the disabled children and they help to increase the ability of children. The parents of the Aisha help her to develop the motor skills and they increase the sill power of Aisha because willpower is very important for disabled children.

What types of physical activities did you do when you were in preschool and kindergarten? From your current experience, do you find that children are engaged in more or fewer of these activities than you?

In the kindergarten, I perform some indoor and outdoor activities. Indoor activities are containing the activities such as playing with toys, storybooks and learn alphabets and poems in preschool. Outdoor activities contain the running, climbing and sliding. Indoor and outdoor activities help in the development of muscles, brain, and skills. In the preschools, some physical education programs are organized that contains the outdoor exercises and games for children. In the preschool children are performing some motor skills such as writing and drawing. From my current experienced I observe that mow children are more engaged in these activities as compare to a time when I am in childhood.

Using the information, you have regarding cognitive development, consider the following example of a young child’s thinking. Five-year-old Tahir is playing tag with some friends. The sun is going in and out of the clouds. One time when the sun disappears and then reappears, Tahir says to his friends, “Look! The sun is winking at us.”

In the cognitive development, children understand the things as they listen and see. Tahir knows that when any think appearing and disappearing repeatedly, then we say that the thing is winking. That’s why in cognitive development Tahir’s brain is not developed fully that he understands the reason of appearing and disappearing sun. According to his knowledge, he said that sun is winking on us. In the cognitive development, children are learning from their perception level. In the cognitive development, children believe in things what they see and observe. Children are seeing the new places and things and store in their mind according to cognitive development.

Think back to when you were a child. Can you ever remember having your intelligence assessed? If so, can you remember the purpose of the assessment? How do you remember feeling during the assessment?

The intelligence of children is depending upon the ability of children to learn and remember the things. The teachers are evaluating the intelligence of children by monitoring the performance of children at school home and in society. The main purpose of the assessment is to monitor the intelligence of the children during the development. If I am intelligently assessed during the childhood, then I enjoyed the assessment and willing to learn new things in the classroom. Assessment is the best way to evaluate the brain development of children. The intelligence of children promotes the innovation and creativity of children.


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