The principle of child development

Classroom management tips to discipline preschool kids: preschool education and beyond.

In the preschool, discipline is related to the creating limitations for the children. In the preschool, children are little, and they can easily motivate in right and the wrong action, therefore, it is very important to promote the disciplined behavior of the preschool students. The rules in school are different from the home and rules in school increase the social skills of the students. In the preschool teachers are motivate students to stand in line and enter the classroom by getting permission. These are some small activities that are helping to encourage the discipline in the preschool. The teacher praises the students that are walking, sitting and communicate nicely and well in the classroom. In the preschool main objective is to create a respectful environment in school and children are learning to give respect to teachers and elders.

In the classroom try to maintain the discipline and if any children are to make discipline then motivate children to perform well in a subtle way. In the preschool courage children by playing and communicate with them. Prepare the proper timetable in the preschool such as set time for play, coloring, learning, and eating. By the timetable, children are learning to work on time and be disciplined. In the classroom provide proper toys to children and teach them to put toys in the right place after playing. In the classroom, if any children throw the toys around then said to him that playing time is over and put all toys at the right place. In the preschool, we can manage the behavior of children with love and care because children are small, and they are attracted towards anything with love and care. In the preschool making the good and loving relations can help to increase the discipline in the classroom. In the preschool, children are not more focus on the education and they are only focused on the playing. Therefore in preschool, teachers encourage children to learn about disciplined, social and helpful behavior.


My secrets of successful circle time.

The circle time and toddler time is the tricky time in which children give less attention to anything. In the playschool, teachers are playing with the children and spent more time with the children to remove the problems in circle time. Toddler teachers are telling some stories and sing a song in the classroom because teachers are mostly like listening to stories and listing songs. The toddler teacher keeps all things in a big basket that are used by teachers during the circle time such as toys, playbooks, and props. During the circle time, toddler teacher picks each toy after some time and teach children how to play and learn with the toys. Toddler teacher starts the circle time period with singing a song because it helps to get the attention of children and children are gathered in one place to listen to the song.

In the circle time, if children are not coming in the circle then encourage them to join the circle by showing some storybooks. When children are seeing the fun in the circle then they are attracted towards the circle and join the circle after a small time. Showing some pictures and small storybooks to children in circle time. In the circle time, sing poems and songs and said children to repeat the lines. Toddler teacher can also use the finger toys in the circle time because children are very enjoyed and liked the finger toys especially animals finger toys. Animals finger toys are used to feel children enjoyed in circle time and it increases the knowledge of children about different animals. In the circle time, children are learning in the games and with the toys. In the circle time toddler teacher distribute some snacks to the children such as biscuits, cupcakes, and fruits. In the circle time monitor that which children are present and which children are absent. Motivate and encourage absent children to join in the circle time because in circle time children learn new activities and gain new knowledge.



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