What group of people do you think Eggers had in mind when he wrote The Man at the River

Dave eagers was specific about this personal essay, I think Dave Eggers wrote this personal essay to both of cultures, the American and the Sudanese cultures, and for how for all cultures worldwide, to show people or the message he wanted to send is how to respect each other cultures weather Americans, Africans, or Asians. Which in the personal essay is dedicated to every one worldwide weather child or old men or women because it shows respect, where the child needs to understand what does respect mean and bigger people needs to know how to develop their respect to other cultures, for example, “We must help our guests. It’s my duty to help you get to the other side.” It shows that the Sudanese friend wanted the American to cross the river but the American respect his way of culture and he insisted to sit alone, for example, “In our culture it is not permitted to allow a guest to sit here like this.”