Rhetorical Elements in Academic Writing Essay


In a moment, your professor will put you in groups and assign you a rhetorical element. Once he does, please complete the following assignment: 

  1. Discuss the rhetorical element with your group members and the evidence from the text that supports that element. 
  2. Prepare to present that element to the rest of the class.
  3. Please explain to your classmates how you found the element. In other words, what clues led you to that element? Were there specific phrases or words that helped you find it? Was there a specific location in the text? 




Purpose: This assignment is intended to get students thinking about the rhetorical decisions they will need to make while writing the Academic Writing Essay. By answering these questions they will see that their academic projects also have rhetorical elements and that being aware of them can contribute to their success as writers.


Assignment: Please use the Academic Writing Essay prompt to answer the following questions about the rhetorical elements in your research paper:


  1. What is the problem that inspires you to write this paper (exigence)?


  1. What is the purpose for your paper?


  1. What is your object of study?


  1. Who is your audience?


  1. What is a theme or key concept you will explore?