Motivating at Eagle Pharmaceutical

  1. Which Motivational theories are in use at Eagle?

Eagles use the classical theory of motivation that focus on motivating the employees through money and rewards. As per the classical theory of motivation, the money is the sole motivator for the employees. Therefore, Eagles follow the same strategy to motivate its sales force. For example, the company features the salesperson in the company newlette who has been most effective and successful in the previous quarter, give them a plaque and a football jersey and Eagle stock which is work $1,000. Along with this, the employees who exceed the goals of sales are included in the “Superbowl Club.” At last, the most amazing reward for the top 20 salespeople is the “Heiswan Award” that allows a trip to the Caribbean. In this way, employees always know about their goals and work accordingly to achieve these goals. I think that it is a great way to increase the productivity of the company.

  1. What is the value of getting employees to compete against a goal instead of against one another?

When employees compete against a goal instead of against one another, they indulge in teamwork. If they are competing against one another, then they cannot help each other. They will not share their successful strategies and tactics. But when they are working for competition against the goal, they will assist each other and share the various tactics and strategies to achieve that goal. In this way, they will be chances for getting the award and to succeed.

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of one of four regional sales managers and argue against the potential cutbacks to the motivational program.

I think that sharing the successful strategies and tactics will be potential cutbacks to the motivational program. Because employees will look for the strategies and tactics of others and follow them only. They will not make any effort to develop their own strategies. They will wait until successful people tell them what to do. Therefore, there should be some extra award to the person who produces their own tactics and strategies to become successful. Otherwise following the same strategy will lead to decreased innovation and lack of diversity of strategies.