Project revenue growth

Projected revenue refers to the estimated money a company will generate during a specific period. The projections often refer to monthly, quarterly or annual accounting periods.

I would review my gross revenue from previous years. This would help me support my projected revenue. As a business owner I would keep accurate records of my previous years’ income statements. I would contact companies that I worked with previously and offer my services to them again. I would ensure that I provide them with a reliable service, this would ensure they request my services again.  I would offer them the same products or services that I offered the previous year but I would ask them to increase the amount of work that they previously offered me. I would conduct research on market growth and trends allowing me to see how the market is doing. There are various websites that would provide me with the needed information to provide my investors.  

This will allow me to show my potential investors what the following year goals are or what they could look like. Showing investors your goals and providing them with visual aids will allow them to become more comfortable investing in your business.

The evidence that I could offer my investors would come from the quality of services that I provide and my customer/client satisfaction rating. My return on investment (ROI), which is the amount of money earned from the money invested in the company or project, would also be estimated based off of the prior year’s profits. This is typically expressed in percentage terms (Abrams, 2012), and it could give my potential investors an outlook on what they can expect in the future. Nothing draws potential investors in like seeing what they can possibly earn from their investment. This will show them how my business will manage its growth, helping it maintain its profitability. Having a well thought out business plan will help earn a company investors.