Barack Hussein Obama as President of United States of America

President United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama became the first African-American president in the history of the United States in 2008 presidential elections. There are many things that have helped Barack H. Obama stand out among several other candidates to be selected as the President of United States of America. This article will explain some of those reasons why people like him as their president and will help conclude about Barack H. Obama as a best selection for the position he has been working on.

Research on Barak H. Obama’s personality traits find him calm, open, and high on emotional stability, and conscientiousness. Winter (2011) concluded by analyzing several sources about personality of Barak H. Obama, that he has got outstanding calmness and a very high level of emotional stability in his personality. He has always been open to suggestions and debates on issues even from opponents before taking any decisions. It is his openness to experience, and high level of conscientiousness that has always added to his strong organizational skills.

In the extreme tensions prevailing in the Muslim world, regarding expected anti-Muslimism policies, Barack H. Obama’s positive approach as expressed in his in Cairo, Egypt on June 4, 2009, helped him bring a new image to the country. He clearly declared that Islam had always been an important part of America’s story and mentioned Muslim country Morocco as being the first to recognize America and that Muslims have always enriched United States. He mentioned several great contributions of Muslims in the history of United States to give American as well as outside Muslim world a light of hope for future. This not only helped him win the hearts of people belonging the Muslim world, but also helped change the views of many Americans who viewed every Muslim as a terrorist (Obama, 2009). Explained in his speeches, he has always shown his stances against the war and in favor of peace, which has boosted his popularity among the peace makes, peace wishers, and the sufferers in and outside United States.

Moreover, Obama’s new health care policy named Obamacare has been crucial to win the hearts of the nation previously suffering both from health issues as well as financial barriers to overcome their health issues. The Obamacare policy has given a boost to his popularity among common Americans.

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that President Obama has got personality traits, organizational skills, balanced approach to deal with foreign world, and a respect for his selectors as his characteristics which make me stand out as the best president of United States of America.