Why women are protesting against Trump and should they protest?

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Background Information.

Arguments in support of the question.

Arguments against Question.


Recommended Policy.


Current Updates in the Relation.

Purpose of AARP Women’s Initiative.

AARP Concerns.

Is the organization concerned with the current political situation?.

President Trump and the Republican Report Card.




The marching drift in women is escalating with the passage of time. Just after the balloting and swearing of Trump as a president, women across the globe showed a strong reaction against his inauguration. Trump had never been on a good term with the women. The history is full of his misconducts and delinquencies that he had been doing with the women. Different sentiments within different people have been found without concrete evidence in support of their claim. It is very imperative to understand the reason of marching Meanwhile it is also imperative to finalize whether should the marching trend be applauded or not. This article enlightens different aspects of this issue.


It is being observed that the marching drift in the women is escalating over the time, and if we consider the year 2016, then it can be found that the trend heaped on to its pinnacle. There are political and other socioeconomic factors those are encouraging women to do so. For instance, just after the presidential election in the United States, women from different region of the world marched against the inauguration of Donald Trump. (TheHill.2017.) Different sentiments within different people have been found without concrete evidence in support of their claim. It is very imperative to understand the reason of marching Meanwhile it is also imperative to finalize whether should the marching trend be applauded or not. Therein the piece, different variables concerning this issue will be considered to make decisive statements. (TheHill.2017.)

Just after presidential election and inauguration of Donald Trump, women within the US and many other countries recorded their historic protest against Trump. About 3.3 to 4.6 million women participated in the protest. They were chanting slogans against Mr. Trump. This was considered as one of the most peaceful protests in the US history. Although, the states of Chicago, Loss Angeles, and Washington were fenced by the protestors, but the Loss Angeles was at the top in the list where 75000 women gathered and recorded their protest. (TheHill.2017.)

Why are such adherence sentiments against Trump? This is the important question to answer, because Mr. Trump has recently taken oath as US 45th president. He is representing the US before rest of the world. It has been witnessed that the immoral and unethical language used by the Trump has become the bone of contention of all this agony. Once in his address, Mr. President bragged about holding the women from their genitals. The women have got seriously incensed and umbrageous. Consequently, a wave of protest plunked from the US and traveled across the globe.


Why women are protesting against Trump and should they protest?

Background Information

Nowadays, women are dead against the Trump and his policy. This was not a sudden change in the attitude, but, that was the result of sequential transgressions by Trump. Before getting inaugurated as president, Mr. Triumph had been on the hot burner because of his decadent and wicked acts. He never had a good image in the sight of women, and there are solid evidences available in support of this claim. The very first incident happened in the year 1980s when Trump was alleged for having ‘fat picture’ for harassing his lady secretary named L. Sunshine. (Kesling, B., & Tau, B. 2017)

Likewise, in the year 1990, Mr. Trump was accused of belittling his wife. In the following years, the Trump had been furthered held guilty for several times against unethical conducts. But the two incident left irremovable blots on the trump’s image. First, in 1991 he used to call women ‘beautiful pieces of ass. Second, in the year 1992, when he reduced an Olympian girl for her bad look. By and large, it can be said that the Trump was never on a good term with the women, not even with his daughter.

Although, it is very challenging to find indications of women’s involvement protest against Mr. Trump in the history but when he joined public office. The reason behind this is understandable. Until 2016, Mr. Trump hadn’t owned presidential position, but after the inauguration, he owned the public office. There was a difference in the nature of statements uttered by the trump before and after holding the presidential position. Because after holding the president office he is being followed by the world. Every statement uttered by him matters a lot. Under the light of this evidence, it can be understood why Trump faced such a strong reaction by the women in all across the globe. (Kesling, B., & Tau, B. 2017)

Even after becoming the president, Mr. Trump remained unchanged and continued this acts of niggling women. He started from Hillary and never stopped. However, when the MP Philips came beside president and used unethical remarks for the women, then women had no other option but to march against. Just after receiving clap by the Trump, women from Cardiff, UK, and America strongly showed confrontation to trump’s act. All of the above-mentioned reasons are responsible for current political and social crisis. The women have very solid reasons to march against the president. However, different arguments in support and against his protest can be found in the American society.

Arguments in support of the question

  1. Trump recently passed a law that prohibits women from abortion without the written consent of their partners. This is deadly against the US constitution which focuses on the personal liberty and freedom. This action of Mr. Trump is a well-calculated attempt to humiliate women.

This is very solid claim that favors the women protest. The US constitution gives the freedom and equal rights to all genders. The trump’s decision to restrict women from abortion conflicts with various provisions of the constitution. (Kesling, B., & Tau, B. 2017). Although, the decision has already been challenged in the court, but this act shows the thinking of the president toward different genders. His approach to manage the concerns of the society seems very imprudent.

  1. Donald holds the presidential office; he should be concerned about the economic and political concerns of the country. But instead of this, he had been uttering very unethical statements those are applauding thoughts of gender discrimination. (TheHill.2017.).

This claim seems very effective and goes deadly against the Trump. Currently, US is the world’s top economic power. The strategies and actions delivered by the US have unyielding effects in the region. That’s why the president should be very concerned about his statements and actions. Furthermore, it is also a reality that the gender base discrimination is very difficult to control therefore the presidential unethical statements against the women can easily backup wicked thoughts in the minds of citizens. (Kesling, B., & Tau, B. 2017)

  1. There are many regions like Shipley in the US where only few hundred women were seen in the protest. But that doesn’t mean the women in those regions were happy with the trump’s actions. Infect, this protest should be considered as a part of the global chain of the protests. (Kesling, B., & Tau, B. 2017).

Arguments against Question

  1. Through glancing over the history, it is clear that the Trump never harassed any woman, but the statements uttered by him are only linked with some models.

Regardless of all other facts, strong evidence can also be found to support this claim. The Trump had been distressing model-girls with his wicked statements. He had been close to model-girls, but the statements are not accepted. (Why women marched against a Conservative MP as well as Donald Trump. 2017).

  1. Not all women showed such revolting reaction on trump’s actions. For instance, within Shipley, only 100 women came out for the protest. Therefore, it can be assumed that the all women are not against the trumps.

This is very weak claim against the question. Because it is not about the strength of protestors, it is about the ethics and social responsibilities those have gone into oblivion for Mr. Trump. He should understand the multidimensional concerns of all Americans, and he should be very conscious about his movements.

  1. US economy has surrounded by various economic issues. The China is offering strong economic threats and has launched his own currency for the settlement of its foreign debts. The value of the dollar in the money market has declined badly. It is very imperative for the country to clear its stance before rest of the world. Under this scenario, the attention of the president should be diverted to other issues. (Gao. H).

It is the reality that value of US dollar is attenuating in the money market. Meanwhile, the US has surrounded by several other economic concerns. Under such conditions, the women should understand the burden of work on the shoulders of the president and they should opt a flexible approach to deal with the issues.



The contradictions between both groups are because of differences in the priorities. It has been observed that some people are more conscious about the economic issues and they would never let any group to destroy the economy. Contrary to this, the people of the second group are more concerned with the social and ethical issues. Both of the groups have presented solid evidence in support and against the topic (question). But it is also a reality that the economic issues are controlled through managing interior apprehensions within the country. Without sorting out the internal issues, it is not possible to run economy effectively.

Recommended Policy

First of all, it is imperative to classify the concerns of both parties in different classes. First, if we consider the trump’s actions then he has been uttering unethical statements, and at the same time, he took some legal actions for harassing the women. The legal actions should be neutralized by the legal actions. That’s mean there should not protest for those attempts those can be challenged in the court. On the other hand, the unethical conducts can be challenged with the march. However, it is very imperative to ensure a peaceful protest. Meanwhile, a committee should be setup to escalate the understanding between the president and the public. This is the only mean to avoid future deadlocks.


I reckon, the girls should protest, and it is the best time to march against the presidential policy. Although the protest is considered as the trembling stone the economic growth but it is very essential to ensure collaboration between public and the government officials. Furthermore, Mr. Trump should understand the grace of his position, and he should act accordingly. He should focus on the economic issues. He should promote the cultural diversity within the region.

During the elections and Trump’s first days, I was of the opinion that Trump might not try to act upon his each and every promise. I thought some of his promises were just election slogans. But now, after it has been more in the office for almost 4 months, I think that he is trying to do what I worried the most. For example he seems serious about the wall on the Mexican border. He is also trying to abolish Obama Care which is a sign of great concern for many Americans. The replacement of the Obama Care has already been passed by The House (Lee, 2017) and Trump expects to pass it from the Senate as well.

Current Updates in the Relation

I would start with Ivanka Trump getting booed in a summit in Berlin, Germany, on 25th April, 2017 by the audience where she started to talk about her father, President Trump being a supporter of women rights Oppenheim, M. (2017). The situation has not improved. Instead, the situation has been deteriorating day by day. President Trump tried his best to present a positive face I women issues when he gave an active role to his daughter in the government affairs, who happen to be a successful business women but the women not only in the USA but in the world are not ready to trust him as his past records never goes off the radar and women who claim to be violated by Trump in one or another way come forward on different occasions with their stories.

Trump has also reinstated the “Global Gag Rule” that would prohibit the funding of different kinds of NGOs. According to a report in Guardian Newspaper, Bill and Melinda Gates have expressed their concerns about this bill and have said that it would endanger millions of women and children (Boseley, 2017). In such a situation, I do not think so that Trump would be able to win the trust of women.

The Interview with AARP Women’s Initiative

An interview was conducted with the Manager of Human Resource AARP organization’s Women’s Initiative division. This organization has been playing an active, non-partisan role to help the American people have an independent life with dignity and respect. The women initiative has been active in safeguarding the rights of women. It deals with women health issues, their income and financial problems, their vulnerability during transitions like divorce and their public health needs (GWU, 2016). AARP is a non-profit NGO that relies mostly on public donations and their support. The current policies of government and its relation to women right were discussed in the interview. Following is a summary of the interview.

Purpose of AARP Women’s Initiative

Manager: The purpose of the women initiative is to help women in different walks of life and guide them towards a happy and respectful life. This initiative is specially designed to work for the marginalized part of the society, the women who need help and support to lead a stable life.

AARP Concerns

Is the organization concerned with the current political situation?


Manager: The organization is certainly concerned with the current political situation in the country. Especially we are concerned about the abolishment of Obama Care that could happen in the near future. Obama Care provides insurance to more than 20 million people in the country. Our reports suggest that women have been taking full advantage of this insurance and they have been able to get the most out of it when it comes to their access to health care facilities. One of the major function of our NGO is to assist women in health issues. If Obama Care is no more there, most of these women would lose their health care insurance and we don’t know how we are going to manage the women who would be helpless and would come to us to help them. We area already under stress due to limited resources.

What are your concerns about Trump’s plans to stop funding to different NGOs?

Manager: To be very honest, we do not have so many concerns about this plan. We do not get any direct funding from the government. So, if the funding is stopped, we won’t be affected. But if we talk in general, I would say that this does raises concerns for many more NGOs who are doing a great job in different sectors. Their operations may be severely affected if this plan is made practical.

President Trump and the Republican Report Card

  1. Campaign Promise: Abolishment of Obama Care

Executive Order: Yes, Issued.

Republican Legislature: Voted in support of the abolishment of Obama Care.

Implemented: Promise implemented, abolishment of the Obama Care requires a majority vote in the Senate which Trump has promised he would do within one month.

Impact: According to independent sources, it would affect more than 25 million people. Most of them might lose their health insurance.

  1. Campaign Promise: Global Gag Rule

Executive Order: Yes, Issued

Implemented: Yes, Implemented

Impact: According to a report in Guardian Newspaper, Bill and Melinda Gates have expressed their concerns about this bill and have said that it would endanger millions of women and children (Boseley, 2017).

  1. Campaign Promise: Build Wall on Mexican Border

Executive Order: Yes, Issued.

Implemented: Trump had said that Mexico is going to pay for the wall, while Mexico categorically denounced any effort to build a wall on US Mexico border.

Impact: The issuing of this order produced a rift in Mexico-US relations. The President of Mexico called it a stupid idea and said they will never pay for the wall (Reuters, 2017).


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