Paper:  Women Against Donald Trump

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Summary. 2

What is the issue?. 3

The question: 3

Background Information: 4

Arguments favoring Question: 5

The argument against Question: 6

Contradiction: 7

Policy recommendation: 7

Opinion: 8

The Current Updates in the Relation: 8

The interview with the NOW: 10

What is the prime function of NOW?. 10

Is NOW concerned about the current distress within the political environment?. 10

President Trump and the republican Report Card. 11

References. 13


The women are getting more conscious and the effect can be seen through escalating marching trend within the women in the last few consecutive years. The Mr. Trumps and his tenacious public administration policies are mainly responsible for all this distress. There are sufficient evidences available that the trump was never on a good term with the women. Before inaugurating as the US president, he had been on a hot burner within the media. His policies toward managing the women issues proved very unproductive. Just after handling the office, Mr. President took solid steps. He prohibited women form having abortion and threatened all Non-Profit organizations to defund if these organizations facilitate in activities like abortion. However, in the couple of months the tension has reduced and the women are getting claim because of his last deliberate speech in which he emphasized on female empowerment and many other such issues.

What is the issue?

It has been observed in the few consecutive years that the marching trend in the women has heaped on within the US. Different factors are working under the carpet and evoking women to speak out for their rights. It has been witnessed that just after balloting within the U.S this trend reached to the pinnacle. However, there are not substantial evidence available to support this claim. Therein the piece, different arguments in favor and against this proclamation would be conferred. (TheHill.2017.).

Just after few days to the election, the women of United States came out for recording protest against the inauguration of Donald Trump. This was observed as one of the most peaceful and largest protests in the US history. Roughly 3.3 million to 4.6 million marchers record their deleterious views regarding new US president. Although the protest was witnessed in Loss Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, but the largest single demo was in Loss Angeles where 750,000 women involved and thronged the streets. (TheHill.2017.).

The abhorrence feeling in the women against Trump is the result of Donald’s speech where he used unethical language against women. Just after his inauguration as president, he bragged about holding women by their genitals. His words raised a wave of repugnance within the women in all around the world. Women within US, UK, and many other countries have shown its adverse remarks against Trump’s sworn. However, the issue has not just ended, the women’s march is even intensifying with every passing day.

The question:

Why has it become very important for the women to protest against Trump?

Background Information:

Women’s abhorrence against Trump is only based on his speech in which he used unethical and abusing language against women, but that was the result of his sequential acts, which he had been doing before getting appoint as the US president. He had a very bad image for treating women in the past. For instance, in the 1980s, he was accused of keeping ‘fat picture’ of his secretary Louise Sunshine. She told Washington port about the odd behavior of Mr. Trump. Beside this, Trump also got eminence in 1990 for belittling his wife. In 1991, he called women, ‘beautiful pieces of ass.’ In the year 1992, he reduced an Olympian for her bad look.

The history is full of such incidents those created a bad image of Trump in the sight of women. Although, the women never protested against Trump because he till that hadn’t owned any public office. His words were not being followed by the world. However, besides inaugurating as president of world’s most powerful economic state, he couldn’t change his habit of molesting women. In the very first presidential speech, Trump said that he was considering for rough attacks on Hillary. (Kesling, B., & Tau, B. 2017)

Finally, the patience of women crossed its limits when Trump and Conservative MP Phillip Davies expressed very unethical views about women. The women across the globe got incensed about the unethical speech of President. He bragged about holding the women from their genitals. Meanwhile, he also used different other negative remarks based on gender discrimination. Just after his speech, the women from London, Cardiff, and Edinburg showed a very strong reaction.

Different views in the US public can be observed at this stage. There is a group of people who critics Trump for his unscrupulous and unethical conduct, while there is another group which has some different opinions. According to this;, this issue is not very threating, people should allow the President to deal with the multidimensional concerns faced by the US economy. However, regardless of all these views, Mr. Trump is currently on a hot burner and facing threats by women around the globe.

Arguments favoring Question:

  1. Donald Trump has been inaugurated as US president. Every word was spoken by him stored in the book of history. The president should not use such an abusive language because it will ruin the image of US before the rest of the world. (TheHill.2017.).

This is a very strong argument, Mr. Trump had been molesting women, but he never appeared in the headlines before. But just after his inauguration as president, he became of the pivotal point of all media discussion across the globe. His personality has associated with the presidential position, and what he says and what he does, it matters. That’s why, he should be very clear with this stance.

  1. America has cultural diversity, it has freedom, and the constitution of US awards women with the same rights as the men. But the trump’s decision to prohibit women from abortion is against the constitution. (Kesling, B., & Tau, B. 2017)

This is also very effective claim by marchers. The trump intentionally passed a law that prohibits women from abortions without the taking permission from their husbands. The decision birth and abortion solely associated with the health of a woman. She has right to take care of her health without asking permission from her husband. Meanwhile, the constitution of US gives the equal privileges to men and women. But within trumps speech, women were badly tortured, and the signs of gender inequality were very prominent in the presidential speech. All these things evoke women all around the globe to stand against the views of Mr. Trump.

  1. Although in zones such as Shipley hardly few hundred women came out in streets against Trump’s speech but this is a part of most peaceful and major protest in the US history.
  2. Wilson said that the march was not partisan and claims that they were pushing a party political agenda were ridiculous. (Kesling, B., & Tau, B. 2017)

Many other such claims can be observed in the media. However there we have some other arguments those are against the major doctrine and castigate the women’s objections.

The argument against Question:

  1. The trumps’ views against women are just limited to few model girls and the women across the globe should not consider this topic on a serious note.

This argument seems valid, because if we put a glance over the history, then we will find that the Trump had not been in a good term with his wife and had been mocking with some model girls. That’s why, if we consider the limited horizon of Mr. Trump, we can assume that the Trump never consider all women while using abuse language.

  1. The women in Shipley didn’t mind about the Trump’s views that’s why it can be said that the women around the world are overreacting and just following the footprints showed by media and other forces. (Why women marched against a Conservative MP as well as Donald Trump. 2017)

This claim also very effective. The women in the Shipley didn’t come out from their homes but few hundreds. They never showed threating views neither they showed welcoming sentiments for the Trump. The women can ignore trumps statement and should not take this matter so personally.

  1. US economy is struggling and facing the strong headwinds offered by China, UK and other major economic powers. The president should not be engulfed in satisfying women’s right. He should be directed to deal with the multidimensional threats offered by the major economic powers. (Gao. H)

This is considered as one of the strongest argument against women’s protest. The dollar price of US is shrinking, and the rate of unemployment is getting worse. The US economy seems under serious threat just after Chinese attempt to offer its own currency renminbi (RMB). Under such condition, US should shift its priorities and should pay heed to the economic concerns. Meanwhile, it is very imperative to allow Mr. President to perform his duties without any external pressure.


The contradiction lies in the standpoint of both groups. First, those who are more concerned about ethics and feminism are dead against the president. Whereas those who are more concerned with the economic issues are against the women’s objection. They claim that President should not be misdirected from dealing the real-time concerns of the country. However, the claims and argument of both group are very valid.

Policy recommendation:

The Trump’s actions can be classified into two different categories. For instance, his battering comments should be placed in one category, and his legal actions against women should be considered separately. Regardless of all other facts, it is also a reality that Mr. Trump has been inaugurated as 45th US president. His legal actions such as restriction on abortion should be challenged in the US Court. Whereas, his unethical actions should be handled more wisely. The protest is a good way to show obstruction, but this is not the solution at all. It is very imperative to escalate president’s interaction with the public. Schemes can be made to enrich the interaction.


I think, Mr. Trump has to change his tenacious approach in managing the US concerns. The stubborn policies imposed by the Mr. President and the escalating marching trend are going in making a deadlock. The policy and the approach used in managing the Women concerns is being recorded in book of history. The women have complete right to protest for their rights. The US constitution allows women to share equal privileges and social benefits as men. Ms. Trump should not challenge the US culture and constitution.

The Current Updates in the Relation:

The relations between the US new president and the women are still contentious. The tension is not even attenuating, instead of that it is getting intensified with the every passing day. The reason is quite understandable. With the time, more and more factors are getting involved and discouraging the trump to put step forward. For instance, the Trump’s decision to prohibit the women from abortion seriously disturbed the relations between President and the public. However, the trump remained steadfast over his decision and ensured the implantation to the purposed order.

He reinstated the ‘Global Gag Rule’. This is a law which threats non-profit organizations. The organizations can be underprivileged in granting funds, if they mention the abortion as an option to pregnant women. This is a serious act because it increases the stakeholders of the law. The organizations working for the HIV, malaria and child health care comes under the serious threats of losing grant for managing their day to day business operations.

The activists are more concerned in this regards. Because under this order, the services like Planned Parenthood which do not have the direct connection with the abortion concerns were also at risk. On the other hand, the new rule will also change the perception of general pubic regarding the health policy within the US. A report suggested that the executive order under trump would reduce the foreign aid by an estimated amount of $9.5 billion.

The external pressure has worked in a splendiferous manner on the Trump. After passing the executive order and facing the serious distress in the international community the Trump had no other option but to grant the aid to the firm working for HIV treatment.   Regardless of all other issues; whether they appreciate abortion or not, the grant cannot be diverted. The willingness of Trump is showing the tolerance and the flexibility within the policy. This can be considered as a good omen.

The Donald’s Speech to the Congress:

The Donald speech to the Congress is considered as the most important and the biggest takeaway for women. The speech is also considered as the best speech of the president because it surrounded the hot button topics like affordable care act, health care and tax reforms within the US. The address about women’s current issues was the most interesting part of the speech. The trump’s unfolded the future tactics in managing the women’s issues. According to the Trump, the new administration would pay special heed to the women’s health program. He showed his deliberation to invest in women’s health.

This may be an indication to back the Planned Parenthood. Before this the trump had threatened to defund the Planned Parenthood but his last address has attenuated the tension between women and the trump. This would surely diminish the protesting trend and evoke food feelings about the trump administration.  The second most important and concerning part of the speech was on the subject of empowering the female entrepreneurs.

Under the high tension the trump’s address to support the female entrepreneur was very encouraging. Before this Trump had been criticized to use the immoral language against the women. Meanwhile, he had also been involved in the unethical activities based on gender discrimination. But the last speech was very appreciating from the standpoint of women. In his speech, he ensured the prime minister of Canada that he will provide the complete training, network access, and capital to young female entrepreneurs. By and large, it can be concluded that the tension has decreased and the behavior of trump is changing toward the women’s issues.

The interview with the NOW:

The national organization for the women (NOW) is one the best non-profit organizations based within the US. A short interview was conducted within the director the organization to understand the real time threats faced by the firm within the current dynamic situation.

There we have some questions and the answers.

What is the prime function of NOW?

Director: The prime function of the NOW is to empower the women and eliminate the gender base discrimination.

Is NOW concerned about the current distress within the political environment?

Director: Obviously yes, the political conditions are very concerning for the NOW any many other organizations working the best interest of the women. The escalating marching trend the legal policies are getting more and more contentious with the very passing day.

How Trump’s plan to defund nonprofit organization would work?

The Director: The trump’s plan to defund Non-Profit organization would ignite serious concerns for the NOW. The grant is the main source for accumulating the funds required to run the Organization. That is the reason, if NOW is defunded and deprived from the endowment then it will become impossible to manage the affairs within the organization.

President Trump and the republican Report Card

Campaign Promise Executive Order Republican Legislature Impact
Withdrawing Obama’s execution Plan regarding immigration. “The affordable care act was dissolved and inclination was shifted to reduce the taxes for health care premiums”.

Obama administration had introduced the affordable care act, which was purposed to cover the medical facilities of more than 21 million people within the US. But the Donald Trump just after the inauguration shifted the direction of state’s priorities and issues and executive order to withdraw the affordable care act.

  An independent report reflected that the Trump’s executive order would deprive 25 million people from health benefits.
Build a wall and have Mexico pay for this.     


Just after joining the Office, Donald Trump signed an executive order to construct a wall at southern border with Mexico.

The end illegal immigration act was introduced. The act had many other implications. It imposed penalties to illegal migrants.

  The executive order badly disturbed the economy and the bilateral affairs between US and Mexico. From the standpoint of US, the analyst have different opinions. Trump’s homeland security secretary said the physical wall will not bring any change.
Ban on Abortion




Women would not be able to have abortion without the consent of her partner”

The executive order was passed by Donald trump and all women were prohibited to have abortion. The executive order had many other dimensions. It restricted non-profit health organizations to back abortion and this executive order plunked a wave of deleterious in the women from all across the globe.


The women are not the prime stakeholders in this executive order. The major non-profit organizations working on the HIV, Malaria and health care organizations are also under the threat of getting deprived from fund.



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