Communication Process at Fair and Fair

What do they know about the situation?   What message might he send to each?   Through what media? 

Dean Fredrick should stand to defend Ms. Adam since he is the one whom he signed the application for attending the classes and ignore any other.

Dean Fredrik should present this to the top management so that they may not punish Ms. Adam for the action of going for classes during work hours but to allow her compensate during extra time.

Dean Fredrick if he fails to support Ms. Adam, then he will earn trust from the upper management as well as support. But this decision will affect his relationship with fellow employees since they will not be pleased to see Ms. Adam being punished. Otherwise when Ms. Adam is not punished, he may lose his job and lose support from top management hence deteriorating their relationship.

Dean Fredrick approved the application for Ms. Adam therefore Ms. Adam knows that she is rightfully studying and should not be punished but on the other hand the upper management who are the superiors for Dean Fredrick believe that Ms. Adam is not doing her job and should be punished.

Dean Fredrick should tell the management not to punish and revoke the scholarship for Ms. Adam since she will always compensate and she needs to complete the course. He should also inform Ms. Adam to fully compensate the lost working hours in the break or lunch time as well as during extra time after classes so as to fully get the support of the top management.

All this communication should be made in writing and also through meetings with both the parties independently, and lastly Dean Fredrick should defend Ms. Adams and inform this to the upper management since there are the top decision making body and what they decide must be passed and strictly followed.