How have workers’ wages fared in the past three decades? What is the significance of the growth of McDonalds and Wal-Mart? Where are the good jobs emerging?

What do you think of Professor Ton’s argument:


The issue of wages of workers is an essential issue which is getting intensive attention in today’s environment. The last twenty to thirty years have raised the issue and the workers are now become much more attentive and informative regarding their wages systems. It is pertinent to state that the awareness among workers is being created by the policies and strategies adopted by two major companies all over the world, the name of these two companies are McDonalds and Wal-Mart, both these companies are emerging for welfare and better pay packages of workers which has given the voice to other workers all over the world.

The question of emerging jobs can be answered that the emerging jobs are in automobile sector whereas the sector of telecommunication is also generating huge amount of jobs and the wages rates in these two sector is much higher as compare to other sector. I have slight opposite view in lieu of Professor Ton’s arguments as these are not depicting the voice of workers in smaller countries and in smaller organizations. This discussion has rightly depicted the concerns of labor classes whereas the wages issues which are emerging and getting attention in today’s competitive environment, the massive focus upon this might enable the workers to protect their rights.

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High-End Food, Low-Wage Labor