What sort of changes in the business system would Kantian ethics require? Does Utilitarianism prioritize the quality of life? What would you choose as your ethical model?

Kantian ethics would require the business to consider everyone else’s interest before making a decision, whether it may be the employees, consumers, partners, etc. Based on Kantian ethics it would be more difficult and tedious to make major decisions for the company, because it has to benefit all parties.  In Kantian ethics there are two questions one must ask themselves :  Can I rationally will that everyone act as I propose to act?  If the answer is no, then we must not perform the action. The second question is Does my action respect the goals of human beings rather than merely using them for my own purposes?  Again, if the answer is no, then we must not perform the action.  With this theory, it would be more difficult to make major decisions.  Utilitarianism allows a business to weigh different options to determine the best decision.  So to answer the question, I do believe utilitarianism does promote quality of life.