Fair and Fair Case Study

Communication Process at Fair and Fair

Communication is a process by which two people can exchange their ideas with one another. There are two parties in a communication process, one is a person providing the information and another one is at the receiving end of the communication process. The communication process defined here is a useful mean to make a communication productive.

In the case study under discussion, Dean Bob Frederick rebuke of Ms. Adams constant leave for studying during her working hours. Bob had personally allowed Ms. Adams in the past to take the leave during work and get the education that she has enrolled in to.

The requirement may change before the fall for her courses, therefore, she took the classes and went for her afterwards where she spent more time to cover for her leave time from the work. Following are the 7 ingredients of the communication process.


Sender is the person or source that is interesting in communicating a message to another person or source in a communication process. In our case, the sender of the message or information is Dean Frederick as he is communicating to the top management about the case of Ms. Adams and he has been dealing with this case for some time now.


Ideas are the content of the communication process. These are in the form of opinion, facts and feelings etc. In our case, Frederick followed his feeling in order to help Ms. Adam by misunderstanding the point of view of the top management. Frederick allowed Ms. Adams by allowing her to take classes during working hours which was not what top management may have allowed.


Encoding is used to get the message in an appropriate format so that it can be efficiently delivered to the receiver. In our case, the matter has to be documented by using words from English language in the form of a formal letter that will be intended at the top management who will receive the message to further take the necessary actions to resolve the issue in the light of the set rules and regulations.

Communication channel

When a sender wants to send a message to the receiver, he/she has to use a proper channel of communication which may be formal or informal. Fredrick needs to engage in a proper communication channel to avoid any mistakes I sending the information to the top management. This information is about the reprimand of Ms. Adams and needs to be channelized appropriately.


In our case, the top management is the receiver of the message. The top management is intended to receive the information and interpret it. Therefore, Frederick would use an appropriate channel for the information that is intended at the top management who are the receivers of the information.


Decoding is a form of interpretation of the message that has been communicated. In this case, the top management would use different cues utilized by Frederick while organization the information to interpret and understand it.


Feedback is provided by the receiver after they have decoded the information. They might understand the information fully or they may ask for more information to fully understand the message intended at them. In our case, the top management would evaluate the information and provide their feedback in the form of formal orders or opinions.


What do they know about the situation? What message might he send to each? Through what media? 

The top management needs to know that Ms. Adams was allowed by Frederick to study during the working hours that is why she is not to be blamed for this situation. Instead, Frederick should come forward and defend Ms. Adams so that she does not lose her scholarship and can complete her course. Frederick should present the case efficiently to the top management and try to convince them to avoid any strict decision against Ms. Adams as this is a matter of her carrier and future.

If Frederick is not successful in defending Ms. Adams and takes the side of the management in this case, he is definitely going to lose his good name among the other employees. He might be able to improve his relations with the top management but this is not all that he needs to successfully carry out his duties during his job. This will not send a good message to other employees in my opinion.

This is an official matter and therefore, all the communication must take place in written form. Mr. Frederick needs to arrange meetings with both the parties and find out their opinions about the matter before taking an official position on the matter.