What are six functions that art fulfills?

Artists use art to express their inner feelings which could be termed as an attempt to achieve their personal goals. But art work also has a public utility which is categorized into six broader functions which provide arts a social and cultural perspective (Frank, 2013, p.20). These functions are:

  1. Delight: Art is a source of pleasure for masses. People want to see arts and understand the word. This understanding may be from the perspective of the artist but the viewers may try to find a sense of happiness by relating themselves to the work of art in different ways.
  2. Commentary: Since ancient times, art has been used as a form of communication and information sharing. Artists produce a visual representation of the information they observe and this information is transferred to others.
  3. Worship: Artists may use their creativity in arts to enhance the learnings and teachings of different religions. People belonging to these religions may find comfort in the work of art related to their religion.
  4. Commemoration: Art may also be used to serve historical purposes like a painting of a historical building like the Taj Mahal, India.
  5. Persuasion: Art may be used to influence the opinion, likes and dislikes of people.
  6. Self-expression: Work of art in the form of self-expression of the inner feelings of an artist may also become popular among people and discussed in depth to find its meaning.