What are the key traits that define creativity?

It would not be a false statement to say that creativity has been one of the major source of driving forward human civilization. We all see different things around us in our daily lives. Most of us have the ability to reproduce observed processes and what becomes a part of our memory. But only a few have the capacity to use their observations and learned experiences and come up with something that is new and useful. This capacity is called creativity.

There are five traits that are common in creative people (Frank, 2013, p.5).

  1. Creative people can associate unrelated fields.
  2. They have the capacity to challenge the world as it is and ask questions about why things are as they are.
  3. They are keen observers with a non-judgmental attitude. They see the world from a perspective such that they can find new insights.
  4. They are able to form strong networks with other people and learn from all the people around them, irrespective of any difference of opinion with them.
  5. They experiment and try to find new ways of doing thing which is more efficient that the present processes.