• Discuss one or more possible conversations with a workplace bully, aimed at managing the situation productively and identify the strategies used.

We all face bullying in one or another form in our day to day life at some point. Workplace bullying is a form of bullying in which the bullies try to influence other people at the workplace with unethical tactics. If I had to go through such type of bullying at a workplace, I would try to listen to the bully first and assure that his/her concerns are heard and understood. Then I would peacefully advance my concerns about the approach of the bully and provide by suggestions regarding the situations. I think that with communication, most of the issues can be resolved.

Answer 2:

Bullies or the bad behavior with other people at the workplace can directly affect the organizational behavior and the internal structure of the organization. It is the responsibility of team leaders that they work to maintain the positive and encouraging working environment where the each and every team member can work effectively with the respect and dignity. Following are different ways and methods that can be used to overcome the problem of bad behavior at the workplace.

  1. The team leader should discourage the people showing bad behavior to confront them directly, and they should take control of the situation.
  2. Ethical rules should be enhanced among employees by teaching them about good points during the meetings or during the training sessions.
  3. The organization should have some critique at the workplace to evaluate the problems and issues within the organization. In this way, the matter or internal conflicts can be addressed at the minor stages, and the situation can be resolved with the help of minor conversation or communication between the people (LINECKER, 2012).

These are different policies and methods that could be used to overcome the challenge of bullying and of the bad behavior at the organization. These steps would allow the organization to make internal developments into the organization.