Why was the idea of motion so important to the Futurists?

Futurists were primarily inspired from Cubism (Frank, 2013, p.408). Futurists did not stick to the principles of Cubism to the letter and spirit though. Motion was really important to Futurists. Futurists emerged in the late 19th century when humans had started to use machines for industrial processes and much speed was already added to these processes. Futurist believed in progress and the importance of mechanical work. For them, future was all about speed and getting ahead. Being in motions was one of their fundamental idea. These artists represented speed in the form of beauty.

Futurists were representing the speed at which the modern world was progressing in their art work. Motion and speed represented a form of energy for the Futurists in which they believed and wanted the modern world to go forward in. The sculptures developed by these artists can be observed to be in some sort of movement.