How did the Surrealists believe that they were working for humanity’s benefit?

Surrealists are part of an art movement that hoped to liberate human consciousness (Frank, 2013, p.417). It consisted of the pioneer abstractionists. For these artists, the language of abstract art was a true form of representing the unconscious mind and hoping to attract people towards a way to liberate themselves from within by understanding the high moral principles of the unconscious self through their art work. Surrealists were oppose to the principles at which the modern scientific progress was based. For them, the modern scientific ways were acting as unbalancing factors that were damaging the consciousness of human beings. Scientific mind is primarily based on observing the reality of things while surrealists were more interested in the unconscious processes and interpreting dreams, fantasies and other unconscious processes through their art work and considered it as the true representation of the human mind that wanted peace and harmony. I would say that this type of art work was more in response to the art work of the Futurists artists.