How does your body shapes who you are?

How does your body language really shape who you are?

I have been told that I use a lot of non-verbal ques to express my feelings and when I want to make a point. Based on other’s observation of me, I would say that my body language has a larger role in making who I am. My body language is an important part of my personality.

Does power posing really work? If so, why?  If not, why not?

I believe it does work. I tried it with my friends and held a power pose for two minutes and I gained a certain kind of strength and confidence. I think that the management of non-verbal body language could be vital in getting a position of power in a negotiation process.

Why should everyone “fake it until you believe it”?  How does “faking it” shape who you are?

Well I think that using non-verbal communication adds a certain amount of strength to the argument that you are making. So if you fake it out a bit, even something that is not true might sound true. Being effective at non-verbal communication I think faking it is a part of me.