1. What about her discussion of unconscious bias was most interesting to you? Why?

The part where she says that unconscious biases are active without even us knowing it. It is strange to know that our mind can act in secret ways. I think that our experience affect the functioning of the unconscious faculties of our mind and make it act in mysterious ways.

  1. How has unconscious bias affected you and what unconscious bias do you have?

I think that just like other people I have unconscious biases. It definitely affects me when I consider other cultures to be inferior to mine which is something I never want to do and which does not define me.

  1. How would you remedy unconscious bias in the workplace?

In my opinion, discussing biases with others and clarifying things would make us less bias. We have to be open about it and ready to discuss it.

  1. What was the author’s suggestion for remedying unconscious bias? Why would this work?

What I learned from the video is that we have to realize that we all do not have the equal privileges. The key to control biases is to bring positive changes in your own self.