1. How can bias – conscious our unconscious – impact communication? Where does that impact happen in the Communication Model?

The bias can affect the communication process from the start actually. For example if I have a bias towards certain people from certain backgrounds and I have a meeting with them, I would be unconsciously influenced by the biases and there might be conscious signs of it while I talk or in my body language.

  1. List at least three areas Ms. Magied sited that could lead to miscommunication as a result of diversity.

The color of other people, their social class, their nationality and their religion could lead to miscommunication while dealing with people from diverse backgrounds that yours.

  1. What tools would you use to improve communication in each of the instances you site?

If I had to sum it up, the first thing to minimize bias and communicate is to listen to others first and then try to be listened to. I am sure that by simply listening to others for a while can improve the communication process and make the process a lot better.