What is a change agent? Who can fill such a role within an organization? Provide any personal examples or experiences with change agents.

What is a change agent?

An agent of change can be a person or an event that inspires a company to change. An agent of change can take many forms, from a long time customer’s feedback, to a Mid level manager’s idea of a new more effective business process. Agents of change are important in any organization because they help the creative and innovative gene stay healthy and strong within a company.  For this reason it is important in the hiring process to look for candidates that could be capable of being a change agent. These candidates may become even more valuable than their initial appraisal if they identify areas to change for the better.

Answer 2

A change agent is a person from outside or inside the organization who helps an organization to transform itself by focusing on such matters as development, , improvement, and organizational effectiveness . A change agent usually focuses on the effect of changing structures,tasks, and technologies on group relationships and interpersonal in the organization. whole focus is depend upon people in the organization and their interactions.

A change agent is basically a consultant, either is from organization or brought in as an outsider consultant. They often play the role of a trainer, researcher, teacher or counselor.. Sometimes they also serve as a line manager. While some of change agents are specialize in one specific role, most of will shift their roles depending upon the needs of the organization.