Pick at least three case studies from the 21st Partnership site below. After reading the case studies and viewing the videos, share your definition of 21st Century learning. What changes need to take place in your school and/or in education to make 21st century learning a reality for ALL students? Feel free to add a link to a video, website, or include a photo to support your position.


The different case studies provide tremendous information about the application of innovative experiences and technologies into 21st century teaching, and learning experience. I chose three case studies from among many. A.L. Starback Middle School has introduced many techniques to enhance learning experience by the student. For example One-to-one computing program is one of the initiatives to enhance computer literacy experience. AIM academy is an example of a learning institute for special children. They utilize their experience with special children to train teachers in this field. Avonworth High School utilize design thinking techniques to enable students to think creatively. They use technologies like 3D printers in their teaching.

After reading, listening and watching the different case studies, I have come up with my definition of the 21st Century Learning, which is “it is a collaborative approach towards enabling the students to think creatively to solve problems with the help of modern digital technologies.”

I think, that the case studies can be treated as individual examples and not as a certain government policy. I mean that these schools are utilizing their limited resources to come up with their definitions and techniques of 21st century learning. The education systems and especially the policy makers have still a long way to go to facilitate research into the use of modern technologies and philosophies in education systems.

I searched internet and one of the technique, which I think would be amazing to apply at early school level is the use of Augmented Reality to enhance the learning experience of children. For example in this Video


on YouTube, a child is using Augmented Reality in coloring. This is just amazing. In the video, the child can see a 3D image of an elephant while it is colored.