Read the Locke and Jacobs essays in the fourth module. Can Objectivism be the foundation for business ethics?

Please note my critique of Locke.

After reading Locke’s essay on Objectivism, I don’t believe that objectivism would be a good basis for business ethics. Objectivism is a self-centered method, which seems to highlight the goals and outcomes of the individual instead of the goals of an entire business.

According to Locke, objectivism is the belief that each individual should benefit from his moral code, advocating self-interest.

With that in mind, how does the concept of a team play into objectivism? In my eyes, it doesn’t. If someone is doing what’s best for them and not considering those in business with them, that person could truly hurt the business because they are not willing to work as a team member to make a decision that will be beneficial to everyone.