Why does the United States have a two-party system? How does this compare with other democracies?

As opposed to other democratic nations in Europe and Asia, the American system of government is focused on two parties that retain power and serve as the main options for any voter, particularly as the levels of voting raises closer to the highest echelons of the national government. The American system of two parties allows for a more efficient system of voting and elections as compared to European counterparts that have a series of run-off elections that bring parties together into coalitions. The usefulness of the two parties is seen in the broad context that each exists in. it could be said that the two party system exists, and is effective for two reasons: competition and efficiency.

The discussion of competition could be a “chicken or the egg” kind of conversation because there could be arguments whether the competition of the government drives people into larger groups that try to out spend and outman the other, or does the nature of the government make-ep create such incredible competition (for instance, single-member groups put a premium on winning elections in areas in terms of who has power). Either way, the fact that this competition exists leads to the stability of the two-party system. It is viewed as foolish to vote outside the two parties because of the fact that it is seen as a wasted vote. The American system has bought into the two party system so thoroughly that it seems nearly impossible to break the tradition. This is where the matter of efficiency comes in. a voter can know what ideology he or she sides with, and then go on to vote that way with relative confidence of how her vote will act in government. This requires less knowledge of such a large, complex system.