Describe your dream job and then provide a list of the types of stressors that you would expect to be present. Is the list dominated by challenge stressors or hindrance stressors? Why do you think this is?

Think about the dream job that you described in the previous question. How much of your salary, if any at all, would you give up to eliminate the most important hindrance stressors? Why?

My dream job would be to own a book shop. Just like any other job, I expect different stressors from owning the book shop. For example I must have different employees at my book shop. Some employees can be causing troubles. Then is the need for me to learn new skills like managing a database on a computer to keep the records of books in the book shop. Learning new skills is also a stressor for me. The behavior of the employees is what concerns me the most as it would require a lot of energy to deal with it.

I do not fully understand the second question related to salary. But I would do all I can to eliminate any hindrance at any cost for the business to run smoothly.