Prior to reading this chapter, would have you made a distinction between groups and teams? After reading this chapter, has your position changed, and if so, how?

Think about a highly successful team with which you are familiar. What types of task, goal, and outcome interdependence does this team have? Describe how changes in task, goal, and outcome interdependence might have a negative impact on this team.

I must confess that prior to this chapter, I didn’t have an idea of the difference. I have been using both group and team words interchangeably as I thought they had the same meaning. After I have read this chapter, thing are a bit clear. A group now means people come together to perform tasks but each one has a unique goal while in a team, the goals is collective.

As an example, I would say a football team is a team in which all the players are interdependent and have a common goal which is to score a goal against the opposite team. Just imagine if the interdependence changes and each person starts to play for his own sake and tries to score a goal himself, the results are obvious I think.