Describe four approaches to quality management. Which approach do you believe is most effective? Why?

  1. Customer Focused- This approach means that the customer determines whether the efforts were worthwhile and the quality level. The manager seeks to give customers a good experience.
  2. Total Employee Involvement- All employees participate in working towards common goals. This will not work unless the manager provides the proper environment for this.
  3. Process-centered-  Process centered thinking is a huge part of total quality management. The process is a series of steps that goes from suppliers and transforms the inputs to outputs that are delivered to customers. If a manager can focus on making this process easier it will be beneficial.
  4. Integrated System- This system uses a little bit of a couple approaches. The micro-processes lead up to the bigger processes and help implement strategy. Everybody needs to understand the company and the vision, or mission or else this will not work. It is complex, and every organization has a unique work culture, which is why this is my favorite system. It is more likely to be found, although most organizations do stress the focus on the customer.