Five soft skills helpdesk job interview questions


Following is a list of five questions that will assess the associated skills within an interview for a helpdesk job:

  1. Why do you think that customer services are important?

(This question will assist the enthusiasm and seriousness of the applicant to the job)

  1. Please tell us about your working alone and team work experience.

(To assess the working skills of the applicant in teams and well alone)

  1. What would you do if you need help at performing your duties?

(The answer to this question will provide information about the willingness to solve problems and their attitude towards solving different problems.)

  1. What are your computer skills for working as a helpdesk operator?

(A brief of the IT skills will be obtained about the candidate)

  1. Do you update your IT and other customer services skills? Why?

(Candidates willingness to new skills and technologies is assessed)