Educational Website Evaluation

Website Name/Title: ROALD DAHL
URL (hyperlink the URL):
Sponsor (e.g., organization, company, publisher, etc.)     Roald Dahl Nominee Limited
Password required for access (highlight your answer): No Yes  
Fee required for access (highlight your answer): No Yes  
Software/hardware/peripherals for access are needed: No Yes (If yes, list here):


Rate each of the following items according to this scale:

0 = Not Applicable; 1 = Very Poor; 2 = Poor; 3 = Adequate; 4 = Good; 5 = Very Good

Content: It is easy to determine the content focus of the site; the content is thoroughly covered and/or documented with clear guidelines, purpose, etc. 5
Organization: The site’s organization enhances the user’s experience and communicates the site’s purpose. 4
Navigation: The navigation paths through the site are intuitive; the number of clicks required to reach the desired information is not burdensome or confusing. 5
Ease of Operation: The navigation scheme is apparent; graphics and text placement enhance the navigation process. 5
Visual Appeal: The interface (home page & associated pages) is appropriate for the targeted user (e.g., children, adults, specialists within the content area, etc.); the visual elements are aligned with the content. 3
Motivation: The site will stimulate the user to visit and revisit; the level of information on the site is appropriate for the targeted learner’s age; the site promotes critical thinking, teaches or reinforces a skill, or otherwise supports the intended learning. 4
The accuracy of Information: The site contains information that is accurate, current, and complete. 4
Legal Compliance: The site contains copyright information, and/or site usage terms; privacy policy guidelines, etc. 4
Suitability to Purpose: The site teaches (provides) what it claims; the site is appropriate for its designated purpose. 5
Readability of Text: The material is appropriate for the grade level/educational level of the targeted group; the vocabulary specific to the material presented is explained; the font (style, size, etc.) is appropriate and clear on the computer screen. 4
Readability of Graphics: The graphics (pictures, animation, video, etc.) are clear and recognizable; the graphical elements are appropriate for the grade level/educational level of the targeted users and support the targeted content. 3
Appropriateness for Target Group: Overall, the site is appropriate for the age range/grade level(s) and subject matter content for which it is targeted. 4
Educational Value: Overall, the site would enhance the learning-teaching context of the targeted subject matter focus. 5
*Total Rating Score: 55/65
Total Evaluation Index (Average) Score: 4.23/5


Integration Scenario

Create a description of how you would use this website using the following prompts as your guidelines (be concise, but thorough):

  1. Identify and describe the intended targeted learner group(s). Include considerations for diverse learners and principles of UDL (universal design for learning).

The target group is kids, teachers and parents. It does represent multiple forms of representation as a way ensuring learner understand information .e.g. read, write, make and play. The ability of a learner to perceive and understand various forms of information presented to them despite physical ability or not makes Dahl site efficient in the transfer of information to the kids. The use of various means of action and expression in the site is easily navigated able learning environment. The use of interest and effort ensures easy interaction among kids or parents/teachers and kids. The ability that a parent or teacher enables understanding of the subject in diverse means as elaboration and illustration can be done.

  1. Describe how the technology would be integrated with your learning-teaching context (including diverse learners). Include the pedagogical (teaching) approach you would use in order to integrate this website into your classroom as well as information related to the learners’ interaction with the website (e.g., individual, partnered, group, in-class, out-of-class assignment, etc.)

Technology would be integrated with learning-teaching context by assigning assignment when out  of class that involves interaction that can be done through group or with partners and while in class, it can be done individual like reading or in groups. The play should be done in the form of groups with the help of the teacher. The technology integration can be diverse through make of particular structures or modelings or illustration.

  1. Identify and describe the intended outcome(s) for the technology integration in relationship to the subject matter focus. Relate this to a specific lesson activity or unit of instruction within the subject matter.

This integration of technology and subject enables development of interest in subjects like arts and particular skills which involves making the session. The outcome strengthens hobbies and skills to the target group resulting to quick improvement subject matter. It also creates a focus on the related subject with the basic know-how of technology and self-reliance to coaching by tutors. The technology integration may also bring out reliance from other key subjects and monotonous attitude among the target group for a particular activity that interest them in a particular site.