Explain the issues and opportunities in supply chain

Issues and opportunities in supply chain

The main issue regarding the supply chain of Coca-Cola is the goal alignment. As the carbonated beverage consumption changed due to consumer health, the company wanted to power the growth in its new products. (Bala, 2014)

The main issue is to established incentives come from volume based response. There were no incentives to compensate the supply chain parties for new product introductions. As a result, the company unable to achieve the balance between efficiency and innovation. (Bala, 2014)

The main opportunity of the Coca-Cola company is that it has one of the largest supply chain management system around the world. The supply chain management has taking the necessary steps to constantly improving its supply chain area with different suppliers and bottlers. Supply chain gives the meaning to the company. It is a proper and complete process and it is important for the success of any organization. (Bala, 2014)