Title: FDA says Pearson improperly marketed ADHD product

Authors: Valerie Strauss

Source:  The Washington Post:   https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2015/10/08/fda-says-pearson-is-marketing-adhd-product-without-proper-approval/

Page Length: 2

Publication Date: 8th October, 2015

Focus of Article: The article deals with the marketing of ADHD product

In the article there is a reference to a notice sent out from the FDA or the Food and Drug to administration and Pearson Education, Inc. The FDA has accused the Pearson Inc. of marketing a quotient ADHD system that is used to diagnose the three main symptoms of ADHD i.e. hyperactivity, attention deficit and impulsivity without a marketing clearance from FDA. FDA has advised Pearson Inc. to fulfill all the criteria required to get a clearance to market a product and submit the application to the FDA for consideration.

Pearson has acknowledged the reception of the letter and their Quotient program and has ensured that all the steps are being followed to get the marketing material present on their website in compliance with the federal regulations.