Case Study: Manchester United Soccer Team


The Manchester United Soccer Tournament project team (Review Manchester United case at the end of Chapter 4) has identified the following potential risks to their project:

  1. Referees failing to show up at designated games.
  2. Fighting between teams.
  3. Pivotal error committed by a referee that determines the outcome of a game.
  4. Abusive behavior along the sidelines by parents.
  5. Inadequate parking.
  6. Not enough teams sign up for different age brackets.
  7. Serious injury.

How would you recommend that they respond (i.e., avoid, accept, …) to these risks and why?



Manchester United Soccer Tournament venture group has distinguished potential danger to their task. Reacting to the potential danger is basic. This is the means by which the potential dangers ought to be tended to.


Referees failing to show up at designated games

  • This risk is not adequate or avoidable. The whole diversion will get affected if the officials neglect to appear at assigned recreations.
  • We need to make the officials sign an agreement where there is punishment for missing an amusement without notice to us, we have to make it a fine of up to $20,000 so they know we are not kidding. On the off chance that something happens to the official and he can no take care of the match he needs to tell us. Additionally there ought to dependably be a referee goes down so we can utilize it on this situation.
  • You can either mastermind his vehicle or you can have a reinforcement arbitrator given the circumstance he cannot appear because of wellbeing issues.
  • In the occasion the authorities don’t appear for the competition a reinforcement telephone number ought to be accessible for different authorities to be called. Administering pays well so authorities are for the most part not hard to discover. A companion of a colleague or a previous officiator could be a decent alternative for backup referee.



Fighting between teams

  • On each game, this risk of battling will dependably exist, that is the way has been since it was imagined, in any case we have to talk with the mentor of each group and let them know we expect the reasonable play, and referees need to show yellow or red card when the circumstance is suitable, the player who has a red card will miss the following match and a player who has 2 yellow card in 2 recreations will miss the third one.
  • This is unavoidable and worthy to some degree as it is an amusement and players are typically forceful with regards to winning. In any case, as a control technique the officials could guarantee to the most extreme degree conceivable that diversion is reasonable and no one gets hurt because of bias.
  • The danger can likewise be stayed away from, as there will dependably be a dispute in almost each game.

Pivotal error committed by a referee that determines the outcome of a game

  • This hazard and error is not worthy and can bring about genuine lawful and moral worries at a later stage.
  • Referees will be liable to a fine if after an examination the result is they were purchased by one of the groups and making the diversion on support to such group.
  • We can hire referees with great track records or with great notable foundation of making less or no mistakes. You can simply have some mechanical backing for looking into the choices made by the official. The innovation can help you either bolster the choice or else cannot help contradicting it.

Abusive behavior along the sidelines by parents

  • This is something we have to acknowledge, the guardians will cheer for their kids and on their energy in all probability they will talk refuse to the groups, this is a piece of the way of life on this and all games.
  • You can have holes for the guardians and some security to have a keep an eye on them and their doings.
  • There ought to be allocated volunteer staff at every competition taking a gander at guardians to ensure kids are not abused

Inadequate parking

  • If we do not have enough parking spot we will be liable to miss individuals on entering the match, I recommend that we lease the unfilled area by the stadium and contract representatives to vigilante the autos and help individuals on stopping them so we can create more income.
  • This could likewise be maintained a strategic distance from. You would not fabricate stopping ranges just to suit the group of onlookers’ vehicles. There would be superfluous extra cost.
  • We can contact an adjacent business for consent to park on their parcel on the night of the occasion. Markers such a shaded tape and/or cones ought to be utilized with the goal that guests know where to park.

Not enough teams sign up for different age brackets

  • We need to make everybody think about this occasion, attention is a major ordeal, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, radio, nearby TV, everybody ought to think about this occasion so we can draw in more groups and have offspring of all ages.
  • We could likewise broaden the sections. This will permit the groups with players out of the age section additionally take an interest.

Serious injury

  • Injuries will happen on this and any game yet we should be set we up, need a restorative group prepared to go to any crisis, and emergency vehicle prepared with the all the gear and we have to recognize what is the closest healing facility on the off chance that the player needs more consideration.
  • We can have the most ideal restorative help on the field. This will help in taking care of the harmed players rapidly and react promptly.