Do you think that business practices in an Islamic country are likely to differ from business practices in the United States? If so how?

I think America tries to keep religion out of business for the most part. There are companies that are led by religious people, but for the most part religion isn’t seen as a part of the business world in America. In some Islamic countries they view religion as part of all aspects of life including business. So there are certainly some aspects that will be very different. The differences are becoming less and less as time goes by however and international business creeps in on business customs and cultures.


Answer 2: In my personal opinion I think that business practices in Islamic country differ from the practices in the United Stated. Focusing for example in Saudi Arabia that has one of the largest market in the Middle East, I can say that according on what I have study in this course is a very conservative country where a large segment of the population desires to preserve the religious values and ancient traditions of the region. This can and does spill over into business sector. In Saudi Arabia loyalty to friends and family is a powerful force and job security and advancement may be on family and friendship ties, rather than, or in addition to demonstrate technical or managerial competence. On the other hand, in western country demonstrate technical or managerial competence is very important. They will judge you according on your performance at business environment. But beyond these types of example is the fact that the underlying philosophy and role of business can be very different. Since Muslims are stewards of property for God, rather than owners, they are more likely to use their resources carefully and may be less likely to give up or sell something to a person who may not practice the same stewardship.