Describe each of the Big Five dimensions. Which dimension has the biggest influence on job performance? Explain.

Big Five Dimensions

There are different dimensions and model that have studied with regard to the personality. The personality of each and every individual is different, and it can have different traits and features. Thus the personality type has divided with regard to the five different dimensions. These dimensions have discussed below,

  1. Extraversion personality
  2. Agreeableness personality
  3. Intellect
  4. Emotional stability
  5. Conscientiousness

These are major personality traits that can represent different emotional and social factors in any individual. The dimension of extraversion can be used to reflect the level of sociability and the level of excitement in any individual towards different actions. On the other hand, the personality of agreeableness can reflect the level of friendliness and the emotions of any person with regard to the kindness. The third dimension of the personality can be the intellect; it can reflect the level of creativity and the level of any curiosity of any individual towards performing or discovering the new methods and new ways of working. The fourth dimension of emotional stability shows the level of calmness and other reflects the level of organization (Judge T. A., 2015).

These all dimension are very effective in the workplace but the effectiveness of this personality dimension can  vary with regard to the needs and requirements of job, for example, the workplace where more creative and more active behavior of working is required then the people who have more  intellectual personality type could be suitable but at the workplace where more mechanical nature of work is required then the people with conscientiousness personality should be preferred for this because they can manage their work in more organized way.

On the whole, it can be described that the dimension of personality are very important. The conscientiousness is the dimension that could be very effective on the performance of an individual at the workplace in the general working environment (Gramstad, 2013).