What are some of the technologies and communication methods used by cyberbullies? Why are they so effective?

Cyberbullying is a phenomenon that has emerged as a byproduct of the online communication tools and technologies in the modern world. It is worst that traditional bullying. Cyberbullies use a variety of techniques to apply their bullying techniques. These bullies use Emails to send threats. They use social media to establish relationships with kids and other people. They also might use proxies to hide their location and IP addresses. With time they are trusted by the people who come with communication with them and they share their personal information, videos, photos etc. with these bullies who then use it to bully them and ask for financial, sexual and/or other benefits.

In my opinion, cyberbullies are so creative because they can master their bullying techniques by learning new technologies without anyone noticing. In other words, they enjoy a certain level of privacy.  It is easy to being a cyberbully than a traditional bully.