Why is it important to set a specific goal for your speech? What elements of the speech help you share that goal with your audience?

The specific goal of a speech is the core message that you want to deliver to the audience (Gregory, 1990). . It is the foundation of a speech. In my opinion, the most important question to ask one’s self before writing a speech is about what the specific goal is and how would it be delivered. I must differentiate between a goal and a topic of the speech here. The topic of the speech could be just anything, but the goal is what you want your audience do once you have spoken on the topic. This is the goal. For example do you want to persuade, inform or entertain the audience? You might want to achieve all these goals but one has to act like the backbone of the speech. If the goal of your speech is to persuade the audience, you can use argumentative language. If the goal to inform the audience, use as much facts as possible. If the goal to entertain, you can be funny in the speech or use other literary tools that have the capacity to entertain your audience.

A speech may consist of many elements. These elements can be utilized to deliver a speech in a way that its goals are met. Some of these elements are discusses in the following:

The Message: What do you want to achieve whit the speech? In other words what is your primary message? It means what is the message that when received would mean the achievement of the goal. The speaker has to give a clear message in a clear manner so the audience can comprehend it.

Body Language: The body language of the speaker is another element that is important in the achievement of the speech goals. Body language consists of body verbal and non-verbal cues. A speaker should have control over it and must be able to remain stable throughout the speech.

Speech Content: The content of the speech is perhaps the most important ingredient that adds quality to the speech and delivers different dimensions of the speech. If the content is strong, the goals would be meat.

Speech Rate: The speed at which a speech is delivered is also important. The audience may get to comprehend the content of the speech delivered at a certain speed.