Explain this statement: “Cognitive abilities are the brain-based skills we need to carry out any task, whether simple or complex.”

There can be different kind of skills and abilities that can be reacted with different personality types. These types and features of personality could help the individual to measure the performance, behavior, and attitude of the other individual. According to the statement, the cognitive skills and abilities and reflect the ability of any person to use the brain based skills including the  thinking pattern, level of understanding about the external factors in different ways. The cognitive skills can be very important to maintain the high quality of performance during the professional responsibilities because the use of brain-based skill could help the individual to perform a different action (Barrick, 2013).

The use of brain-based skills can include the understanding of problems, the problem-solving behavior or attitude, the use of actual knowledge, the decision making skills and the skills of making a critical evaluation of the issue. These all are the functions and methods that can be used to find the solution to any problem. Thus, the use of cognitive skills and the use of brain-based skills can help the individual to perform different complex tasks with very ease (Judge T. A., 2002).

The cognitive skills of any individual can be divided into different actions including the motor skills, the language, the memory skills, the visual and spatial processing, the executive functioning and the ability to make a critical evaluation of the different situation. On the whole, these are different actions and skills that are the basic factor of cognitive skills and these can be used as the significant source to gain development and success into the modern business world because the complexities of work are increasing due to the increasing level of competition on the market. In this situation, the individual should use the cognitive skills and different other creative skills so the challenges and complexities of the modern world can be easily evaluated.