If you lived 2000 years ago, which would be the best to own, a horse, a cow or a dozen chicken? why?

Chicken, Cow, or Horse

My decision of what I would have picked between a dairy animals or a horse in the event that i lived 2000 years prior would have basically relied on whether I was a successive explorer, or a pilgrim who voyaged less.

On the off chance that i had been some individual who disliked voyaging and stayed for the most part at home, then a bovine or dozen chickens would be the inclination over a stallion. A horse and chicken are both the wellspring of meat and dairy items like drain and eggs. Between a cow and twelve chickens, I would lean toward a cow. The reason being that it is much less demanding to take care of maybe a couple dairy animals than twelve chickens. Likewise, it would have been much less demanding to nourish a bovine. With all the vegetation around, there would have been little prerequisite to get ready nourishment since it was actually accessible. For chickens, i would have needed to fence them, and plan nourishment for them.

Another viewpoint that makes me support a cow over chickens is that it’s additionally an advantage. Its cost is a great deal more than that of chickens.

In the event that i was some individual who voyaged a ton, then my inclination would have been a horse. Cows and chickens are not implied for travel, and they don’t have the velocity or the perseverance of a stallion. In addition, a stallion can go in a wide range of climate conditions, which would have been incomprehensible for a cow