Analysis Case Study: Game Enough

Game enough has suffered a large amount of loss for the past months. The organization during the previous decades has been enjoying a lot of profit that is the major reason of the development of the firm during the past decades. But the recent loss the company has faced was big enough to shiver the whole incorporation. The meeting was held in which the board of directors has taken participation. The loss of 187 million pounds was as higher to demise the incorporation. Therefore, in the meeting the top management has discussed on the case and they have analyzed the economic situation and have placed the blame over the fluctuations in the economic conditions. The recession that has been observed in the economic condition was really big and it has affected the condition of the company to wider extent.

Even though, the firm has enjoyed the rapid growth in the past decade, but in the current era the global recession situation has placed the company to go in the wind up situation. The chief executive officers have claimed that the recovery of the economic condition would be beneficial for the company’s growth. However, on the other hand Chair man of the organization was not really convinced by such argument. He has been in the view that there are some internal factors that are responsible for it as at the same time of economic recession some of the other firms enjoyed the good condition. Henceforth, I must say that the point of chairman is valid the internal functions are also identifiable in order to find out the real picture and the problems in the industry would likely to be reduced substantially.