Describe the fundamentals of three development methodologies: SDLC, the agile approach, and object- oriented systems analysis and design and how they would be used in an organization.

Discussion: Following is the description of the three development methodologies.

System Development Life Cycle (SDLC): This developmental methodology is based on a life cycle approach to resolve the business problems (Kendal & Kendal, 2014). Specific analyst are use at different parts of the life cycle to identify and resolve problems that arise in the life cycle of the organizational activities. SDLC has these seven steps: Identifying problems, opportunities and objectives, determining human information requirements, analyze system needs, designing the recommended system, developing and documenting software, testing and maintaining the system, and implementing and evaluating the system.

The system analyst fulfills the needs of each of the above step in an organization to keep the organizational activities run smoothly.

Agile Approach: This approach is based on values and principles that ensure that human resource properly communicates in an organization. Time, cost, quality and scope resources are adjusted so that project is effectively and successfully completed.

Five stages of Agile Development are: exploration, planning, iterations to the first release, productionizing and maintenance (Kendal & Kendal, 2014).

Object- oriented systems analysis and design: This approach examines the parts or objects of a system. Analysis of the object is carried out and then design and implementation of the system are done. The life cycle of this approach in an organization is simple. The system analyst analyzes, design and implements and repeats the same cycle for the next part of the system object.