Conflict can arise at any level of the organization and have broad and deep impact. What are some ways that organizations can minimize conflict within the workplace and promote a healthy work environment where every employee feels valued and a part of a greater whole?

Having an HR department can greatly help in this because it allows both the “antagonist” and the “recipient” a place to reach out for support or guidance. For example if someone is doing something that is hurtful to someone else, the victim can reach out to HR for support on how to address the situation. I also think though that conflict is good in a work place and is a part of team bonding. If you can not handle conflict from within, your team will certainly fail if it faces adversity from the outside.


Answer 2

Yes, i also very much come to feel that there could be a whole host of reasons due to which conflict might take place.  For one, there might be misunderstanding regarding different concepts and issues and that might lead to more frustration and hence more conflicts in the long term. In addition to that, there might also be lack of understanding or even misunderstanding as to what are the assigned work roles to the different individuals and how they should go about fulfilling such roles. So i very much feel that these different types of underlying conflicts could be managed but also mitigated by having more face to face meetings with all of the employees of the firm so that any sort of a misunderstanding that there might be could be taken care of right away before the conflict starts to further develop as well as escalate.