After reading ‘A Tale of Two Theories’ on pages 554 – 563, how can an organization apply the dimensions of change effectively while minimizing conflict and maximizing organizational goals?

After the reading, I believe there are a few ways to apply the dimensions of change effectively. First is to create measurable and trackable goals and expectations. This creates a needed timeline for the organization to not only achieve their planned changes, but maintain them as well. The next dimension is communication and education. The organization can not expect a smooth transition, if the workforce is uninformed as to the changes or the reasons behind them. Now this is actually more complex than just communicating the change, the company must also educate the effected parties on how to manage the change in their own roles. Perhaps this looks like group training sessions or other techniques.

Answer 2

The tale of two theories defines the dimensions of change and guides us through the hectic process. First of all in an organization needs to have timeline where they determine what there objectives and goals are. This helps us determine where we are at a certain period of time and reminds us of the main goal. Communication is also a key in order to succeed we need to address the issues and overcome adversity in the process of change. With communication comes informing the coworkers and everybody involved in the process everybody needs to be aware of the changes in order to impact in a positive way.