Life Journey Prompt:  Imagine your life as a journey. What is your starting point? Where are you going? And who is the traveler?

I am the traveler moving from an arid area that looks like a desert with little to no life in sight. I am moving in search of civilization and more particularly a more developed setting for instance the suburbs. Cities would usually represent civilizations. For me the suburbs are in itself little civilizations with respect to their unique cultures, eating habits and social activities. I love to go to these suburbs and have a taste of the social activities and the unique food that is available there.

Are you traveling alone or as part of a group? If you are part of a group describe those who are with you? Who are they? What are they like? Why are you with them, or they with you? At the start of my journey,

I am alone. Walking steadily looking for other individuals. As the journey progresses, I am joined by several friends of mine in succession. They are about four individuals that i have known since my childhood. They have always understood me and been there for me just as i have been there for them. They are funny individuals each having their flaws and accepting them as they are. The reason I am with them is because we are all heading to the same place and since the conditions that we are traveling in are not completely ideal for a loner, we are going to walk together for security.

What do you bring with you? What have you picked up on the way? What have you gotten rid of? What do you still need to pick up or get rid of?

At the start of the journey, i did not have anything. However, as the journey progresses I am able to acquire several tools and a bag to fit them in. The tools in the bag are a water can filled with water, a flashlight and some snacks. What I need is to get a motor vehicle that will allow us to go faster and be more comfortable.

Now, describe the stages of this journey. What defines each stage? Include the stages which still lie ahead, at least as you imagine them, as well as those you have completed.

The first stage is obviously the start of the journey. The mark of the first stage and the consequent start of the second is the meeting up with friends. The end of this stage is marked by finally getting to a defined road that seems to lead to predefined place. The fourth stage will be defined by getting a suitable mode of transport while the final stage will be getting to the civilized suburb.

What is the terrain like at each stage along the way? What are the people like? If you are traveling with a group, does it change from stage to stage or stay the same? What are you doing at each stage? Is there something you are trying to accomplish? What resources do you need? How do you obtain them? What have you learned at each stage along the way? What do you still need to learn?

During the first stage, as mentioned earlier, the terrain is an arid desert like area where the road is not well defined and we all were kind of guessing what routes to take. Although none of us is sure what route exactly to take, we were all just moving in the direction of the civilized suburb. Once we reached a well-defined road, we all autonomously chose what direction we would go in, in regards to the civilized suburb. On the well-defined road we are all in agreement that we need to get an automobile to make the traveling less hectic as well as get to our destination faster. In the course of the journey, I have learnt that sticking together is the best way to embark on this journey.

Now, imagine your destination. What is it like? Describe the place, the people, and what you are doing there. What makes it a destination rather than just another stage? Reflecting back, what has the journey as a whole (as opposed to the individual stages) taught you? What have you accomplished? What is the point of the journey? Why do you believe this?

My destination is a quiet suburb that has very friendly people and a very serene environment. It is filled with big luxurious houses and every single amenity that one can think of. From a gym ranging all the way to swimming pools and supermarkets. I acquire one of this luxurious houses and my neighbors are kind people who hold barbecues every other weekend where we all get together and catch up on life. This is a destination due to the fact that I have now settled here and are ready to spend the rest of my life here. The journey itself has taught me that it does not matter where you come from but where you are headed. It has also taught me that such a journey is best traveled with the help of friends. The accomplishment gained by this journey is the shift from a bad area where difficulties were a sure thing to a more comfortable setting. The point of the journey is the events that have happened between the stages. The reason I believe this is the point of the journey is because without the events that we encountered in the journey, I would not be molded to what I am at the end.